Players Pro Pool Table

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Players Pro Pool Tables have been designed with two main factors in mind – playability and affordability.

The playability of the Players Pro Tables comes from our selection of table components – everything on the table is set up to work in synergy with everything else. Our tables play fast and accurate and are not affected by humidity – players of all levels from beginner right through to pro enjoy playing on them.

The affordability aspect comes from the components that we use to build our tables - they're all sourced in Asia and therefore not subject to punitive import taxes. With the bigger brands you pay a premium for both the brand name and the import taxes, with the Players Pro you pay only what the table is worth.

All of our tables are installed by one of the top installation teams in Thailand and are backed up by our no nonsense 5 year warranty – there are no other tables in Thailand that retail under 100k and offer this kind of warranty.

To find out more please drop us a line, or use the Table Locator to find a table near you.