Cyclop Athena Pool Balls

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Cyclop Athena Pool Balls are next generation pool balls from Taiwanese manufacturer Cyclop. Designed in conjunction with Diamond Pool Tables of the USA they have made several improvements over the previous market leader, Aramith.

Key benefits include:

- Colouring – brighter whites, more pronounced and lively colouring

- Durability – higher phenolic resin content means crisper hit, not affected by friction as much

- Dirt resistance – better formula and finishing means less chalk and dirt clings to the ball

- Consistent weight – cue ball and object balls weigh around 169.5 grams – Aramith have much more variance

- Price – made in Asia means they are around 40-50% cheaper than comparable Aramith balls

These balls are almost identical to the Aramith Super TV Cup Pro cup balls but cost 50% less - time to treat your table!

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