I'm sorry, but how much?

I'm sorry, but how much?

Sometimes potential customers ask us how we can sell our tables so cheaply – they can’t understand how a table that costs so little plays so well and quite naturally suspect they are about to be ripped off!

So here we’ll explain a bit about how we do it. When we set the company up we had the idea to sell great playing tables with high volume sales into Thailand in 2017, then expanding rapidly into Asean over the next couple of years.

To achieve this we have focused on the following:

- Keeping our overhead to a bare minimum.

We operate out of an office in Sukhumvit Soi 13, Bangkok that is part of The Sportsman Bar & Restaurant. We do not have expensive showrooms and do not need to pay staff 7 days a week to operate the showroom, we are integrated into the staff that operate The Sportsman. We also have two tables in The Sportsman you can play on at your leisure, in a true pool playing environment with beer, food (and cute waitresses)...

- Developing a great product that plays as well as tables in the 200k + price bracket

In our opinion the big brand tables in the Thailand market are overpriced with most of the extra cost coming from a premium being attached to the brand name and having to pay import tax. As we manufacture in China our tables come in tax free under the China Asean free trade agreement, this is one of the main reasons we are able to keep the prices so low.

- Keep the cost of the tables below 100k THB, or $3k USD.

This price point was identified as a pain point where most people were put off from buying a pool table. Either people wanted to stay below this price point or they wanted the big brand and were willing to spend 200k Baht and upwards.

- Offering a long warranty

Without a multi-year warranty a pool table is not worth buying, period. We guarantee that the tables we sell will last at least 5 years, although we expect a useful lifespan of 10-15 years and more. We keep spare parts in Thailand so that if anything does go wrong that part can be swapped out quickly and with no downtime on the table.

When you buy a Players Table you are buying a piece of our company – we cannot afford to have one unhappy customer out there and will be there for you in 1 year, in 5 years and well beyond that.

- Using the best pool table installers in Thailand

So many tables that get installed in Thailand are not set up correctly, even the 200k + big brand pool tables. We use the most experienced team in Thailand that have been installing pool tables here for over 15 years – they have seen it all and know how to set our tables up perfectly. Our relationship with the installation team is conducted on a table by table basis, they are contractors not staff. This way they are only as good as their last installation, they have to keep the quality up to a very high standard if they want to keep working for us. We also then know how exactly how much each table costs to install and don’t have to worry about the running costs of trucks, sick pay, staff not turning up etc.

Hopefully by reading this blog post you will have got a better understanding of how we operate and can produce such high quality, great playing tables at the low price points we achieve.

We sell high quality pool tables cheap, not cheap pool tables.


Sep 28, 2017 • Posted by Players Pool tables

Honestly there’s not much in it – both of those tables are on a level with ours. Neither play as well though (in our opinion). Also, to get the same quality of cloth and Aramith TV Cup Balls you will pay more, the price would be more like 120 – 130k per table.

Sep 28, 2017 • Posted by John B.

I was wondering what the dealio was, when I looked at the Terminater from TPT and the Aileex Crown from Thailand Billiards they were around 110-120k. How does the Players Pro compare to these tables?

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