Who is ANDY?

Who is ANDY?

ANDY (cloth) is the name of one of the two top selling pool cloth manufacturers in the World. It’s the cloth that comes as standard with every Rhino Table and is hands down the best cloth for use in tropical climates.

There are two big players in the pool cloth market Worldwide - ANDY and Simonis. ANDY is the bestselling cloth in Asia, and Simonis is the bestselling cloth in Europe and the USA.

How do they compare?

The most important difference between the cloth these two companies produce is the nap. The wool used in both cloths is Worsted wool, most of the nap has been removed but is still present in small amounts.

Simonis cut the remaining nap off as part of the finishing process, this leaves some nap on the cloth. ANDY burn the nap off, this process removes almost 100% of the nap.

When you install a Simonis cloth the remaining nap is laying down and it plays fast, as you play on it the fibres will come loose and start to stand up. The fibres are a part of what gives Simonis it's good playability, but they also cause problems as the cloth ages. They can act as places for water to gather in humid environments, which is why Simonis is known to be a cloth that is heavily affected by humidity.

ANDY Cloth is almost totally nap free. Because of this it plays fast and true for much longer than Simonis, the life span of ANDY cloth is known to be significantly better than that of the higher end Simonis cloths.

In Asia and tropical humid climates, 100% napless cloth is the way to go.

  • The other key difference is price. ANDY is cheaper than Simonis for the same quality product. Made in Asia is always cheaper than made in Europe, labour costs and profit margin expectations are much lower.
  • Also, as it is made in China we are able to bring it in under the China/Asean free trade agreement, so it’s not subject to import tax in the same way European cloths are.

    We sell two different types of ANDY cloth, here are the technical specs:

    ANDY 988

    80% Wool

    20% Nylon

    670 g/m

    ANDY 588

    60% Wool

    26% Acrylonitrile Fibre

    14% Nylon

    650 g/m

    ANDY 988 is the premium cloth that ANDY produce and is one of the top playing cloths on the market. It plays very similar to Simonis 860HR when first installed, but will not slow down as the nap rises. It’s a fast playing cloth offering a great balance between speed and ball control, it’s a real pleasure to play on.

    ANDY 588 is hands down the best value cloth on the market. Whilst not as true as ANDY 988 in terms of ball control, for 95% of players it’s more than good enough and less than half the price of other cloths of this quality. It’s perfect for outside tables in both homes and bars, for the price it can take quite some punishment and still play great.

    What about the other cloths on the market?

    Most of the other cloths you find on the market here in Thailand come out of one or two OEM factories in China. Whilst they are decent enough these factories do very little R & D and the overall quality is below average. None will offer the excellent playability of ANDY 988 or the playability vs low price of the ANDY 588.

    Photo credit: Product Photographer Josh Sullivan

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