Black Rhino Pool Tables

Introducing our newest pool table - The Black Rhino. Currently available in both 8ft and 9ft sizes with 7ft coming soon, we have created what we believe to be the best value for money pool table in Thailand.

Each table comes with Andy 588 Cloth, Cyclop Balls and full accessory set. Prices start at just 69,500 Baht for the 8ft table and this includes delivery and installation within 4 hours drive of Bangkok.

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Cyclop Pool Balls

Cyclop vs Aramith

The Thailand pool scene has for many years had a healthy obsession with Aramith balls – the excellent balls from Saluc in Belgium (owned by the Simonis cloth company).

There is now however another option – Cyclop balls.

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andy pool table cloth thailand

Who is Andy?

ANDY (cloth) is the name of one of the two top selling pool cloth manufacturers in the World. It’s the cloth that comes as standard with every Rhino Table and is hands down the best cloth for use in tropical climates.

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pool table cloth care

Pool Table Cloth Care

ANDY cloth is one of the most robust cloths on the market, but all pool table cloths require a bit of love and attention to keep them in top playing condition.

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